27.04.2022 13:20

The students – participants in the Mentorship programme, who are behind the small projects for the benefit of their communities realized in the summer of 2021, received the Ambassador Prize in the “Volunteers” category at the Fifth Annual HEROES Awards of the TimeHeroes.org platform.

The award was accepted by Alexey Mitkov (student of Dental Medicine at MU-Sofia) on behalf of all students who worked on initiatives with a health and educational focus in different parts of the country – from Byala Slatina through Rakitovo to Dalgopol. The example of Alexey, Krassimira, Krastyo, Sonya, Plamena, Alexandra, Dimitrinka, Kancho, Sofia, Georgi, Alisa, and Maria turned out to be contagious and the enthusiasm of all program participants for volunteer work in the coming summer is already visible.

The jury points out the following reasoning for its decision to award the price “[…] their work is an inspiring example of the development of a future generation of health professionals who have the power to be role models and activists. Such volunteers who are also able to cure some of the problems in society.”

All awarded teams and individuals were announced at an official ceremony on March 23. Among them are people and organizations with an outstanding contribution to the development of volunteer culture in Bulgaria. The jury of the awards selected the 15 winners out of a total of 148 nominations.

The small projects of the students were realized within the Mentorship programme. One of the goals of the programme is to contribute to the creation of role models and encourage volunteering among the students participating in the program. In this regard, the Ambassador Prize is a valuable recognition of the willingness of students to be generous with their time and to share the accumulated knowledge, experience and skills for the benefit of the most vulnerable members of society.