This project complements the Roma Scholarship Program implemented in the framework of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria. It will provide the beneficiaries of the program with valuable mentorship support in the form of personal advice and professional guidance, which are important to career development and life success. The objective of the project is to promote educational inclusion and achievement of Roma youth and contribute towards solving persistent health issues in the Roma community.

The role of each mentor in the program is to provide professional guidance to one or more scholars. Mentors provide expert advice related to the studies and the future career path in the area of health care. Each mentor will conduct regular meetings with their mentees and encourage their participation in common projects, provide advice related to exam preparation, assistance for participation in conferences and scientific publications. Mentors will also have the opportunity to attend trainings in order to improve their mentoring skills and exchange experience with their colleagues.

The mentors are recruited via public calls for application submissions carried out in the first years of the program – 2019 and 2020. This allows us to create a database of potential mentors in relevant locations and with the specific expertise that the scholars may require.